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Papaya has been in Hawaii a long time, with the “solo” papaya being introduced around 1910. It has been an Island Favorite since then for visitors and locals a like. Most dried Papaya products you see today are loaded with sugar and other “Weird Stuff”; but not Uncle Mikey’s. We have created a lot of fans with this tropical treat!




Mango was introduced to Hawaii around 1825. Haden Mango is still the most widely grown mango in Hawaii today. There are hundreds of varieties grown in Hawaii today, and at Uncle Mikey’s we dehydrate ┬ánumber of varieties, including Haden, Brookslate, Pirie, Raposa, Zillate, Apple, #9, and Manzanilla, and they all have a distinct flavor. We cut mango at the peak of ripeness and dry it at low temps to retain flavor, color, smell, and general awesomeness!


Also known as Carambola, starfruit arrived in Hawaii around 1935 and is native the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and India. Starfruit is rich in Vitamin C, antioxidants and polyphenols! The whole fruit is edible, and best eaten when ripe.

In Hawaii, starfruit is seasonal, so at Uncle Mikey’s, we dry as much as we can! Because when they are in season there is usually a lot of them!

Its been a couple of years of playing around, but we feel we have done a good job of crackig the “code” to drying starfruit. It is super popular for it’s unique taste, and one bite will tell you! Uncle Mikey’s is the best!


Guava is the lowest glycemic tropical fruit known, coming in at around 40, which is right there with broccoli. Guava is spread by seed, and is most abundant producing. It is a seasonal fruit with yellow skin, and deep pink meat, that has a tart/sweet taste and is super high in Vitamin C.

Uncle Mikey uses Guava as a base to make his guava leather; a unique blend of pineapple, apple banana, and guava, making a leathery fruit treat that is the essence of Hawaii! It’s like a dried fruit smoothie! Loved by kids and adults alike, it has become one of the most popular creations in Uncle Mikey’s arsenal!

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