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The Ancient Egyptians loved Uncle Mikey’s!

Dried fruit has been around a long, long time, in fact, it is believed that the reason we are here today is because our prehistoric ancestors dried food out during the summer to survive through the long winters (and it was done without sugar, food coloring, preservatives, or any other “weird stuff”.

There are many, many, different dried fruit products in the market place, and the one and only thing they have in common…They started out as fruit.

The majority of dried fruit is made with sugar. It makes the product sweeter, and acts as a preservative to assist in extending the shelf life; but the real reason is all about yield! It ups the weight of the fruit in the bag, sometimes up to 3 or 4 times more than the fruit itself! That’s gross!


Fruit is around 90% water, and when soaked in sugar, it changes the molecular structure of the water into “sugar water”. Later, when the frui t is dried, the water evaporates, but the sugar remains (sneaky sneaky!) leaving you with a finished product that should really be labeled “Candied Fruit”.

The Supa Dryer!

The Supa Dryer!

Another well-known method of drying fruit is by using sulfur dioxide, which acts as a preservative and enables the producer to leave some water weight in the fruit, not completely drying it. Some companies also utilize lemon or lime juice, which act in the same manner. It takes away from the true flavor and texture of the dried fruit, and doesn’t give you the full, natural effect!

Other companies use extremely high temperatures to dry their fruit, which just turns it leathery, and caramelizes the sugars, sometimes burning them and the fruit!

We dry our products at low temperatures because after 115f, you cook out the nutrients of the fruit (life force, mana, energy fields, whatever you wanna call it!).

Then, there is the Uncle Mikey’s Way! “No Weird Stuff Added” means exactly that!
Uncle Mikey’s has spent a decade learning and perfecting the science and art of fruit dehydration!

One bite and you can tell, Uncle Mikey’s is the best!

Flawless Fruits! Delicious!

Flawless Fruits! Delicious!

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