We're in there!

We’re in there!

Chocolate and Dried Fruit are a perfect marriage; you have the rich and full flavor of cocoa, mixed with the tangy and sweet pop of the dried fruit. As they say here in Hawaii; “No can go wrong!”

Uncle Mikey’s has partnered up with some amazing chocolate companies; We supply the dried fruit, they supply the chocolate, and magic is made!


Vosges Haut Chocolat in Chicago started the trend about 2 years ago, when they approached us with an idea; an Elvis inspired Chocolate, Peanut-butter, and Dried Banana bar (excuse us while we drool for a second). It was brilliant combination, and is currently sold all over the U.S. (and online, of course)




ChocolaTas in Vancouver Canada has used Uncle Mikey’s dried fruit in Chocolate Bark, and also dipped us in their chocolate.



CHOCOLATEONAMISSIONHonolulu based company Chocolate On A Mission is finding awesome ways to use Uncle Mikey’s in their blissful chocolates; mixing our dried pineapple with their rich, premium chocolate. (you can get some here!)

Chocolate on a Mission

Chocolate on a Mission covered our beautiful Fruit in their sweet chocolate and sold right here on Kauai at the St. Regis Hotel!

Our Beautiful Fruit covered in Sweet Chocolate and sold right here on Kauai at the St. Regis!

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