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Banana Rama

It’s the little things in life… like a triple banana as shown in the photo! Unique like a triple rainbow this little guy decide that 3 was better than one. We see a lot of doubles but hadta post this picture.
We dry 3 types if banana at Uncle Mikey’s , Apple (of course), Williams and Goldfinger… You may not have of that one! 007 all the way !
All banana grown on Kauai, processed on Kauai and enjoyed everywhere .


The Adventures of Uncle Mikey


What an awesome surprise to learn that Wild Ophelia is making another bar using our dried banana, Williams Variety, so much mahalo to Kapaa Banana Company for growing the best banana !! Big shout out to Katrina Walcott, Wild Ophelia creator… My biggest compliment is that she is like Willy Wonka w/ a little Mad Hatter thrown in!!

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