Uncle Mikey, himself!

Uncle Mikey, himself!

Uncle Mikey’s started up in 2003 after years of dreaming about making gourmet Hawaiian Dried Fruit.

Mike Stewart, Uncle Mikey, moved to Kauai in 1970 on a 1 way H.S. graduation present from his Dad. Growing up as a good Irish Catholic boy in San Francisco, HIS Dad wasn’t thrilled that the Greatful Dead was like 10 blocks away so…the rest is, as they say, history!

Mike had learned about Kauai a year or so before from some older surf buddies, who had been there; Great surf, sun and warm water, Uncle Mikey wanted some of that!

He ended up working & living on a taro farm on Kauai’s North Shore for nearly 10 years, living with a Hawaiian family that embraced him and taught him an amazing lifestyle, in fact, Uncle Mikey’s is the success it is today from what he learned from his mentors.

Uncle Mikey met the love of his life, Ela, while attending College in NorCal in the eighties. They were married in 1983 and have raised 3 amazing daughters Malia, Michelle, and Stephanie, who are all involved in the family business.

Uncle Mikey dreamed of having a business he could run with his daughters, and have them take over someday. Over the last 10 years, Uncle Mikey has perfected the science & art of drying fruit and sharing it with the world.

We have shipped to 26 countries, in over 100 stores in Hawaii, including Whole Foods, Mana Health on Maui, Foodland & Food Pantry Stores, and Payapaya’s in Kapaa.

In 2003, Uncle Mikey brought some sample bags into his friend’s Health Food store in Hanalei on Kauai and they stared selling it.

Uncle Mikey is a family run business supporting local farmers and striving to bring the gift of Aloha to the world.

Mahalo for your support in helping our dreams come true!


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